Personalize by Country

This example shows you how you can customize content on your site depending on the user's location.
// Getting the country name from the user's IP
$.get("", function (response) {
if (response.country_code == 'UK') {
alert("Special offer for all our users from " +response.country_name+ "!");
}, "jsonp");

This example displays an alert with a special offer targeted at users from the UK.

You can drill down and target users by a more specific location such as;

  • Region

  • City

  • Postal Code

You can also customize your site based on;

  • The user's timezone

  • The user's currency - eg. on your pricing page or shopping catalogs

  • The user's language - we recommend getting the user's language from their Browser settings, however as a fallback you could use our language field to determine the user's likely language