Mobile Carrier

The ipdata API supports looking up the Mobile Carrier of an IP Address. Our database currently consists of over 2500 carriers in 234 countries and territories.

We return the Brand Name, eg. Verizon, the Mobile Country Code (MCC) and the Mobile Network Code (MNC) belonging to the IP Address's mobile carrier.

The data is made available in a carrier object in the API response if the IP Address looked up is determined to belong to a mobile carrier.

Example Request

curl "<<apiKey>>"
ipdata --fields carrier

Sample Response

    "name": "T-Mobile",
    "mcc": "310",
    "mnc": "160"

You can test this by entering the following IP Addresses in the lookup form on our homepage.

  • - Verizon
  • - AT&T
  • - T-Mobile
  • - Sprint
nameThe name of the carrier that owns the IP Address
mccThe Mobile Country Code of the carrier
mncThe Mobile Network Code that identifies the carrier