IP Reputation Scores


IP Reputation Scores are only available on the Business plan and above.

IP reputation scoring provides a solution for a key weakness of blocklists based threat detection. Whereas blocklists are great for identifying repeat malicious actors they are static and cannot possibly contain every single bad IP.

To this end, ipdata combines machine learning expertise with millions of datapoints to calculate an IP reputation score for all IP addresses. Each score can have a value between 0 - 100.

vpn_scoreThe probability that an IP address is the exit-node of a commercial VPN service as a percentage
proxy_scoreThe probability that an IP address is a proxy as a percentage
threat_scoreThe probability that an IP address is likely to be a threat as a percentage
trust_scoreA score that expresses the trustworthiness, standing, or reputation of an IP address as a value between 0 - 100 with 60-100 constituting low risk, 40-60 moderate risk, and < 40 being high risk.

Example Request

curl https://api.ipdata.co/<<apiKey>>
ipdata -f threat

Sample Response

        threat: {
        is_tor: false,
        is_vpn: false,
        is_icloud_relay: false,
        is_proxy: false,
        is_datacenter: false,
        is_anonymous: false,
        is_known_attacker: false,
        is_known_abuser: false,
        is_threat: false,
        is_bogon: false,
        blocklists: [],
        scores: {
            vpn_score: 0,
            proxy_score: 0,
            threat_score: 1,
            trust_score: 100