Blocking Users by Country

This example shows you how to restrict your content from a list of countries.

We use the ISO 3166 ALPHA-2 Country Codes. You can curate a blacklist or whitelist of your own by looking up the countries you'd like to include at ISO 3166 Alpha-2.

// List of countries we want to block
// To see this in action add your country code to the array
var blacklist = ['US', 'CA', 'UK', 'IN']

// Getting the country code from the user's IP
$.get("<<apiKey>>", function (response) {

  // Checking if the user's country code is in the blacklist
  // You could inverse the logic here to use a whitelist instead
  if (blacklist.includes(response.country_code)) {
    alert('This content is not available at your location.');
  } else {
  	alert("You're allowed to see this!")
}, "jsonp");

This simple example shows an alert with This content is not available at your location if the user is from a country in the blacklist.
Alternatively it shows an alert with You're allowed to see this! for users that are not from the countries in the blacklist.