Official Golang client library for the ipdata API

IPData Go Library

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Package ipdata is a client for the https://ipdata.co API. It provides functions
for looking up data, as well as parsing the data in a programmatic way. The
simplest usage is to build a new client and then use the Lookup method.


This code is released under the MIT License. Please see the
LICENSE for the
full content of the license.


If you'd like to contribute to this project, I welcome any pull requests against
this repo. The only ask is that a GitHub issue be opened detailing the desired
functionality before making any pull requests.


The service provided by ipdata requires an API key before making API calls.
Attempts to create a client without one will fail, as would attempts to contact
the API. You can get an API key from https://ipdata.co/.

Here is a simple example of using the library:

import (

ipd, _ := ipdata.NewClient("<<apiKey>>")

data, err := ipd.Lookup("")
if err != nil {
	// handle error

fmt.Printf("%s (%s)\n", data.IP, data.ASN)

Errors returned from the lookup function calls may be of type Error, which
includes the message from the API and the HTTP status code. The Error() method
on this type only returns the message and not the status code. To maintain
compatibility with Go 1.12.x, this is still using github.com/pkg/errors for
error management:

import "github.com/pkg/errors"

data, err := ipd.Lookup("")
if err != nil {
	// do a type assertion on the error
	rerr, ok := errors.Cause(err).(ipdata.Error)

    if !ok {
    	// this wasn't a failure from rate limiting
    fmt.Println("%d: %s", rerr.Code(), rerr.Error())


  • Tim Heckman - Created the first version of this library