Basic ASN

We provide detailed ASN data for all IP Addresses with the following fields: AS Name, AS Number, AS Route, the AS Organization's domain and the usage type. We have coverage of ~100K ASNs.

Example Request

curl "<<apiKey>>"
ipdata -f asn

Sample Response

    "asn": "AS15169",
    "name": "Google LLC",
    "domain": "",
    "route": "",
    "type": "hosting"

Data Fields

asnThe Autonomous System Number
nameThe name of the organization that owns the ASN
domainThe website of the organization
routeThe network prefix the IP Address belongs to
typeThe usage type associated with the IP Address and ASN

Usage Type

There are several options for usage type

hostingBelonging to a datacenter (we have mapped 200M+ hosting IP addresses)
ispBelonging to ISP IP space (we have mapped 1B+ isp IPs)
cdnBelonging to a Content delivery network
eduEducational institutions
govOne of ~25,000 government agencies worldwide
milMilitary organizations
businessEnd-user organizations