Geofeed Validation

Geofeed publishers can use the ipdata validate command to validate their geofeeds before submission to ipdata. This will catch most but not all issues that might cause processing your geofeed to fail.

The ipdata validate command checks that the geofeed adheres to RFC 8805. Some of the things it checks are:

  • The country code is a valid ISO 3166 alpha-1 code, eg. US, CA, IN, CN etc
  • The region code is a valid ISO 3166 alpha-2 code eg. US-CA, US-FL, US-NY
  • The region code and the country code match i.e. the region given is in the country given
  • The country code is not empty (the RFC says that the country code is optional however we require it)
  • The network is a valid network and not eg. a typo or a private/reserved network

The validation closely follows with one caveat, we expect the country field to be provided at the minimum.

You can provide either a url or a path to a local file.

➜ ipdata validate


➜ ipdata validate geofeed.txt