API Status Codes

A list of status codes and their meanings as returned by the API.

Status CodeMessageMeaning
200 (OK)A JSON response containing the requested information.A successful response
400 (Bad Request){"message": " is a private IP address"}
400 (Bad Request){"message": " is a reserved IP address."}
400 (Bad Request){"message": "bleh does not appear to be an IPv4 or IPv6 address"}
400 (Bad Request){"message": "You did not provide a valid JSON Array."}You need to provide a valid JSON array in the POST body of bulk requests
400 (Bad Request){"message": "Bulk requests should not contain more than 100 IP addresses."}
401 (Unauthorized){"message": "You have not provided a valid API Key."}
403 (Forbidden){"message": "You have exceeded your free quota. Upgrade to a paid plan to re-activate your account."}
403 (Forbidden){"message": "You have made 20,000 requests and have exceeded your daily quota. Upgrade to the next plan to re-activate your account."}
403 (Forbidden){"message": "Upgrade to a paid plan to make bulk requests."}
403 (Forbidden){"message": "Upgrade to a paid plan to access ASN data."}
403 (Forbidden){"message": "IP or domain not in whitelist."}
404 (Not Found){"message": "ASBlah was not found."}You requested an ASN that does not exist.