Status Codes

A list of status codes and their meanings as returned by the API.

Status Code



200 (OK)

A JSON object containing the geolocation information

Your request was valid and a response was successfully returned.

400 (Bad Request)

{"message": " is a private IP address"}

You tried to look up a private IP address.

400 (Bad Request)

{"message": "bleh does not appear to be an IPv4 or IPv6 address"}

You entered a value that does not appear to be a valid IP address.

400 (Bad Request)

{"message": "Bulk requests should not contain more than 100 IP addresses."}

You tried to lookup more than 100 IP Addresses which is not supported. Reach out to support to increase this limit.

401 (Unauthorized)

You did not pass your API key in the request.

403 (Forbidden)

You have either exceeded your quota or have entered a non-existent API key.