Filtering Response Fields

You can choose to request only a single field to be returned in the API response or to get multiple fields pass a "fields" query parameter with the names of the specific fields you need.

Selecting Multiple Fields

Looking up the location and mobile carrier information associated with an IP Address

curl ',city,region,country_name,continent_name,carrier'

Sample Response

"ip": "",
"city": "Farmersville",
"region": "Texas",
"country_name": "United States",
"continent_name": "North America",
"carrier": {
"name": "Verizon",
"mcc": "310",
"mnc": "004"

Selecting a Single Field

Looking up the calling IP's country name


Looking up a specific IP's country name


Sample Response

United States

The available fields are;

  • ip

  • is_eu

  • city

  • region

  • region_code

  • country_name

  • country_code

  • continent_name

  • continent_code

  • latitude

  • longitude

  • asn

  • postal

  • calling_code

  • flag

  • emoji_flag

  • emoji_unicode

  • carrier

  • languages

  • currency

  • time_zone

  • threat

  • count

For a description of every field see Our Data Table.